Friday, April 9, 2010

Board and out of my mind, an autobiographical story by Alan Burnett

Ok, so... yeah, I've been up to... almost nothing lately, it's starting to get really sad. I've been working on my book, which isn't going well, and I've been drawing fan art, watching random anime, cartoon, movies (actual people movies as well as cartoons), and documentaries in an attempt to get some sort of inspiration, but as i said, it isn't going very well.

anyway, i just thought i would update, i mean, no one really reads my stuff, but still, just in case someone pushes the wrong button and ends up here in the underside of halls groin, which doesn't sound nearly as bad as i meant for it to, then you guys will at least know that i am still alive and well, but board out of my mind.

Now, for a happier not, am i the only one in love with a guy named Ninja Master Gara from an anime called Bastard?

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